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Cumulus A/C Chief Emily Boldon Returns to Atlanta

Emily Boldon
Emily Boldon

Emily Boldon, Cumulus Vice President of AC Formats and Stratus Music Scheduling, has returned to Cumulus' Atlanta corporate headquarters to focus on the company's growing platform of AC radio stations and the expansion of the proprietary music scheduling software platform, Stratus.

Boldon departs Cumulus Providence, RI, station WWLI-FM/Lite Rock 105, where she has served as Program Director since November 2016, along with her corporate role as Vice President, AC Formats and Stratus Music Scheduling, a position she has held since May 2006. Cumulus recently announced the appointment of Mary Ellen Kachinske as Operations Manager for the company's five Providence, RI, stations and as Program Director of WWLI-FM/Lite Rock 105.

"If there was ever any doubt about Emily's programming acumen, she proved her skills with the tremendous growth and continued success of Lite Rock 105 (WWLI) Providence while maintaining our company's leadership in the AC Format," said John Dimick, Vice President, Programming Operations, Cumulus Media. "Now it's time to bring her back to Atlanta where she can continue to lead our AC stations and focus more of her time and effort on improving the company's STRATUS system."

"I am very happy to be returning to Atlanta and Cumulus corporate headquarters," said Boldon. "So much has changed since I joined the corporate team in 2006. It's a very exciting time in our company, with Brian Philips at the helm of programming. I look forward to contributing to the creativity and growth of Cumulus in 2020!"

Scott Greenstein UJA-Federation's Music Visionary of the Year

Scott Greenstein
Scott Greenstein

UJA-Federation of New York has named Scott Greenstein, President and Chief Content Officer of SiriusXM, as its Music Visionary of the Year. Mr. Greenstein will be recognized for his exceptional professional accomplishments and commitment to philanthropy at the annual Music Visionary of the Year Award Luncheon on June 4, 2020, in New York City.

"Scott's vision and leadership have made an indelible impact on the world of music and entertainment," said Daniel Glass, president & founder of Glassnote Entertainment Group and vice chair of UJA's Entertainment, Media & Communications Division. "Scott is the perfect recipient of this prestigious award because he is always ahead of the cultural and technology curve. He is responsible for the discovery and growth of so many careers."

The Music Visionary Luncheon has been a must-attend event for the music industry for more than 20 years. The event attracts more than 600 of the most respected and well-regarded executives and an A-list roster of talent. Past honorees include Michele Anthony, Rob Stringer, Avery and Monte Lipman, Bob Pittman, Rich Bressler, John Sykes, Tom Poleman, Daniel Ek, Troy Carter, Daniel Glass, Tom Corson, and Julie Greenwald. Past performers include Lizzo, Eddie Vedder, Dan + Shay, Leon Bridges, Alessia Cara, Alicia Keys, Bruno Mars, Justin Timberlake, Adele, Mariah Carey, Jay-Z, The Weeknd, Jennifer Hudson, and many more.

Funds raised at the luncheon go to UJA's annual campaign and help support the Music for Youth initiative, which provides music education programs for underprivileged children and children with special needs throughout the New York community.

Surviving the Great Radio Purge of 2020

Tracy Johnson
Tracy Johnson

What a start to 2020. Nearly everyone in the radio industry has either lost a job or knows someone who has. The Great Radio Purge came suddenly and cut deep. And there may be more to come. Major broadcast companies sometimes tend to play follow the leader. But one thing is for sure: Hundreds of good people are wondering what happens next.

Some will get out of the business. Others will fight back. Some will use it as motivation to advance their career. But this is certain: This event requires action from every single person in radio. Here's what to do now.

For Everyone

Planning the future is always a good idea. Think about where you want to be and plot a course to get there.

  • Identify Goals. Taking the next offer (or any offer) is tempting. But make sure it fits your career goals. Where do you want to end up? Focus on moves that move you closer to that goal. Being downsized is a setback, not a career killer. However, a series of hops from job to job might be. When on the beach, you may not be able to be as selective, but try not to make decisions out of desperation. For those working and worried, develop a plan. Now!
  • Expand the Possibilities. Identifying goals often uncovers opportunities never considered. Some personalities and programmers think of themselves as a format specialist, but talented people can adapt. This may be just what you need for a major breakthrough. Similarly, smaller companies and markets could be a perfect fit. Or apply skills in new ways. Don't limit your search to just radio. What else could you do?
  • Update Your Presentation. Getting a Gig is constantly marketing. How long has it been since the resume, cover letter and audio demo has been updated? It's time to make it great.
  • Get Listed in the TJMG Talent Pool. The free service for personalities, programmers, producers and promotions managers is already connecting talent with radio stations. Everyone should be listed. Click HERE to join. Don't wait until it's urgent. Get in there now!
  • Be grateful. Be grateful. Many are afraid, anxious and worried. That's natural. Find something to be grateful for each day and make it a priority to keep a strong, positive attitude even if everyone else is freaking out.

Editor's Note- You should also check the Radio Online job listings HERE. These listings are updated constantly.

Victims of The Great Radio Purge

The biggest problem with mass layoffs is a flood of talent competing for fewer available positions. Realize that finding the next gig may take a while. Here are some things to do immediately:

  • Move Past the Pain. This is hard. It's human nature to be angry and bitter. I would be, too. But that won't help Get That Gig. Turn the page and don't look back. Fill your day with positive thoughts looking forward to a better tomorrow. Don't let negativity or disappointment affect how the industry and prospective employers view you. If it takes time to "get there", fake it til you make it!
  • Network.Make contact with every colleague and contact as soon as possible. Reach out to everyone you know even if it's not a close relationship. Be proactive. Don't be shy or embarrassed. For tips on networking to Get That Gig, go here.
  • Watch the Get That Gig Webinar. This is a step by step tutorial on how to go after a job in radio. It's free. Watch it href="https://tjohnsonmediagroup.com/webinars-on-demand/get-that-gig-seminar-on-demand/">HERE.
  • Start New Projects. With time on your hands, increase skills. Launch a new podcast. Build a personal website for marketing your personal brand. Learn new skills.

For Everyone Who Knows a Victim

I was terminated from a PD job in 1988. An hour later, my phone rang. It was Scott Shannon. He told me he had been following my career "since you were a Baby DJ in Lincoln, Nebraska." Scott told me this would be a good thing and offered his help. Decades later, that moment remains a career highlight. Be that person for someone else.

Be compassionate. Reach out. Some folks are reluctant to reach out to you. It's awkward, even though it's not their fault. Put yourself in their place. An updated list of victims is available here and here. Know someone on the list? Offer support support to help them through a difficult time.


The frightening thing is that the circumstances that led to the Great Radio Purge are out of any victim's control. It's not because of poor performance or low ratings. The "dislocation" is downsizing, and radio isn't the only industry affected.

It has happened to Blockbuster Video. Tower Records. Newspapers. Magazines. It's happened to assembly lines, warehouses and hundreds of other job categories.

Radio is not immune from the reality of economics and efficiencies made possible through technology.

No, I do not think radio is the next Kodak. But anyone believing this is isolated and "now we've finally reached the bottom" is naive. This is a major step toward nationalization/regionalization of radio programming. Most of it is economic. Some is applying their strongest creative skills more effectively. I understand it. Don't count on those jobs coming back.

Here's my best advice: If you love what you do and are great at it, radio is a vibrant career. Just don't depend on a company to protect or provide for the future. To those hurting: I'm sorry. I feel for you. Please let me know how I can help.

This article is a special Radio Online contribution from Tracy Johnson, CEO, President of Tracy Johnson Media Group


Triton Digital Integrates Podchaser with Omni Studio

Triton Digital, the global technology and services leader to the digital audio and podcast industry, announced today the integration of its Omny Studio podcast publishing platform with the podcast database and discovery platform, Podchaser. Through this integration, podcasters that utilize the Omny Studio platform can tag hosts, guests, producers, editors, and more involved in the production of a podcast - directly within the Omny Studio platform.

With access to Podchaser's unique database of over three and a half million podcast appearances, Omny Studio users can now leverage existing creator profiles or create new profiles during the publishing process, allowing them to seamlessly tag contributors to a podcast as part of their current workflow. The ability to credit guests and creators provides podcasters with an opportunity to expand their organic reach, as tags will undoubtedly heighten the visibility of episodes amongst followers of those that are credited. These appearances will also be shown to followers of these guests and creators on Podchaser's website and apps that integrate Podchaser credits.

"We are pleased to partner with Podchaser to provide our clients with a streamlined way of featuring their shows and creators on this growing database," said Sharon Taylor, Managing Director, Triton Digital. "The ability to tag show hosts, guests and other contributors directly within the platform will help podcasters increase their discoverability, without having to take any additional steps outside of their regular workflow." "We are excited to partner with Triton Digital and their fantastic podcast management platform," said Bradley Davis, CEO at Podchaser. "The Omny Studio platform is powerful, efficient, and intuitive, and we are happy to further that by making Podchaser creator and guest credits possible directly within the hosting platform. This is a step in the right direction for podcast discovery while giving creators and guests the credit they deserve."

Lazer Communications Buys KSFN 1510 AM/San Francisco

Mapleton Communications has sold KSFN 1510 AM/San Francisco to Lazer Communications. Jorgenson Broadcast Brokerage served as the exclusive broker in this transaction.

Lori Burgess Promoted to COO at Beasley Esports

Lori Burgess
Lori Burgess

Lori Burgess has been promoted to the newly created position of Chief Operating Officer at Beasley Esports. Burgess most recently served as Chief Digital Content Officer at Beasley Media Group and prior to that worked as an integrated marketing strategy consultant on behalf of the company. In her new role, she will be responsible for overseeing the day to day operations of the company's esports business.

"The esports industry is on the verge of going mainstream," said Burgess. "Our timing and expansion into this space will firmly poise Beasley Media Group to own and influence the next generation of consumers. The company's ability to provide compelling esports content, leverage strategic partnerships and compete at the most elite levels will ensure our foundation as this sector begins to dominate the media and sports-market/entertainment conversation and commands more sponsorship partnerships."

"Lori has done an incredible job overseeing our digital content efforts and leading the company's esports initiatives over the past year," said Beasley Media Group CEO Caroline Beasley. "Her leadership, experience and determination is exactly what we need to drive our company's success as we continue to grow in the esports space." Burgess has earned a stellar reputation as an authority in content and advertising alignment, with a focus on building revenue through creative multi-platform marketing and new media solutions.

Burgess' portfolio includes more than two decades in the publishing industry, providing generation of profit and growth for iconic brands such as The Hollywood Reporter, Prevention Magazine, Conde Nast's Mademoiselle and House & Garden; Elle Magazine; Seventeen Magazine, and Niche Media. The media veteran's national awards span 20 years, however her notable honors in 2016 include: Pixel Award Finalist R3 Summit.com Best Event/ Conference Website; MIN Best of the Web Finalist for R3 Summit.com, Best Custom Website.

Randi West Named PD 97.9 WRMF & Party 96.3/West Palm Beach

Randi West
Randi West

Hubbard Radio has named Randi West as the new Program Director of 97.9 WRMF and Party 96.3 (WMBX-HD2), effective immediately. West spent 8 years as the Program Director for WMTX\Tampa and prior to that she was the Program Director for WDCG\Raleigh.

"WRMF is a one of kind radio station," said Bruce Logan, Operations Manager. "Huge heritage call letters, remarkably successful in ratings and revenue with one of the best morning shows in the entire industry in KVJ. We knew we needed a one of kind Program Director to match. Randi's passion and vision for the future as well as her energy made her the right fit. I am thrilled to welcome Randi to the team and cannot wait to get out of her way and let her make WRMF even better."

"I want to thank the entire Hubbard broadcasting team of Greg Strassell, Elizabeth Hamma and Bruce Logan for this opportunity. WRMF is a legendary brand and I'm honored to lead the team to years of continued success," said West.

Justin Chase Promoted to Chief Content Officer at Beasley

Justin Chase
Justin Chase

Justin Chase has been promoted to Chief Content Officer at Beasley Media Group. He has served as Executive Vice President of Programming since 2016 and in his new role will be responsible for overseeing all aspects of on-air content and digital on behalf of the company. Previously, Chase served as Vice President of Programming and Operations Manager for the Company's four music stations in Las Vegas, including KCYE-FM, KKLZ-FM, KOAS-FM and KVGS-FM.

"Justin has done an incredible job overseeing our company's on air brands," said Beasley Media Group Chief Executive Officer Caroline Beasley. I look forward to him enhancing and expanding our content on all of our on-air and digital platforms across the company."

"I am so grateful to the Beasley family and the entire corporate staff for their support and confidence in me taking on this new role within the company," said Chase. "The programming and digital teams at Beasley are first class and I feel lucky to be surrounded by the best of the best every day." Chase is a past recipient of Beasley Media Group's annual "Program Director of the Year" award and has been recognized among the "Best Programmers in Radio" by numerous industry publications.

A current member of the National Association of Broadcasters Radio Board, Chase serves in leadership roles within numerous industry organizations, including the Media Ratings Council's (MRC) Board of Directors, the MRC Radio Committee and the MRC Digital Committee. In addition, he served as a member of the Nielsen Advisory Council and participated in special projects with The Council for Research Excellence (CRE).


KCVM-FM to Receive NAB Crystal Heritage Award at NAB Show

NAB Crystal Radio Awards
NAB Crystal Radio Awards

The National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) will honor Coloff Media's KCVM-FM/Cedar Falls, IA, with the NAB Crystal Heritage Award. The award will be presented during the We Are Broadcasters Celebration, held Tuesday, April 21 during the 2020 NAB Show in Las Vegas. The Heritage Award recognizes radio stations that have won a total of five Crystal Radio Awards for exceptional year-round community service efforts. Only eight other stations have received this honor in the 33-year history of the awards.

"KCVM has served Cedar Falls for over 22 years and exemplifies radio's strong connection and service to local communities," said NAB's Executive VP/Industry Affairs Steve Newberry. "This award commemorates KCVM and Coloff Media's storied history of living up to their motto: Service to Listeners, Clients and Communities."

Radio stations can submit entries for a Crystal Radio Award until January 31.

Bryan Broadcasting's Ben Downs Elected NABPAC Co-Chair

Ben Downs
Ben Downs

Bryan Broadcasting Corp. VP/General Manager Ben Downs has been elected by the NABPAC Board of Trustees to serve as co-chair of the organization, the political action committee of NAB. He'll assume his term on January 21. Downs takes over as NABPAC radio chair from Alpha Media Regional President William McElveen. During McElveen's tenure as co-chair from 2014 to 2019, total dollar contributions to NABPAC rose by almost one-third, while the number of donors grew by over 50%. He'll remain active with NABPAC as a trustee.

"NABPAC plays an important role in supporting broadcast champions in Congress," said NAB President and CEO Gordon Smith. "America's radio and TV broadcasters thank Ralph and Bill for their steady leadership of NABPAC, and we look forward to benefitting from Ben's guidance."

For more than 30 years, Downs has worked for Bryan Broadcasting, which operates radio stations and prints publications in the Bryan-College Station market in Texas. His stations have won three NAB Crystal Awards for Public Service and two Marconi Awards for broadcast excellence. In addition, the Texas Association of Broadcasters has presented his station with their highest award for Public Service for eight of the past 11 years.

Downs has served on the Texas Association of Broadcasters Board of Directors since 1999, including two terms as TAB Chairman. He was chosen as TAB's 2010 Broadcaster of the Year and was inducted into the Texas Radio Hall of Fame in 2019.

"Every 30 Seconds" Project to Trace Young Latino Electorate

"The World," the daily global news and analysis program from PRX, WGBH, and the BBC, has announced "Every 30 Seconds," a collaborative public media reporting project tracing the young Latino electorate ahead of the 2020 national election.

Funded by a $300,000 grant from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, "Every 30 Seconds" will report on the issues, influences, concerns, and challenges driving decision-making and turnout among young Latino voters across the United States. According to a recent count, approximately every 30 seconds, a Latino citizen in the United States reaches voting age (18). Further, 32 million Latinos are projected to be eligible to vote in 2020, up from 2016 and now one of the largest shares of nonwhite voters. Through deep engagement within communities and among Latino voters, "Every 30 Seconds" will delve into the complexities of demographics, language, law, and inequities within political systems.

This year-long project will launch in February with regular broadcasts on "The World" accompanied by digital components. From its newsroom in Boston, "The World" and Senior Editor Daisy Contreras will lead production of stories for national broadcast in partnership with public radio stations across the country. Digital Editor Tania Karas will lead production of digital stories and interactives.

"As citizens prepare to partake in our democratic process, this project is one of several CPB is supporting to further diversity and civility in our nation's dialogue," said Kathy Merritt, senior vice president of Journalism and Radio at the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. "‘Every 30 Seconds' will also build journalism capacity at local public radio stations by connecting station partners to editing and story-planning training with 'The World' and PRX."

"The 2020 election will be consequential, and it's imperative that we report the story of our country at this moment in time in a way that best serves listeners," Contreras said. "With reporting from coast to coast, ‘Every 30 Seconds' will amplify stories while illuminating issues we hope will deepen understanding of our democracy."

"'The World' brings listeners nuanced storytelling that goes beyond the headlines," said John Barth, chief content officer at PRX. "When we're at our best, we put the personal and local, national and global, all in perspective, across borders and time zones. In this spirit, we're thrilled to collaborate with our station colleagues on election-year reporting that won't be heard elsewhere, and we're grateful to the Corporation for Public Broadcasting for their support."

Wisconsin Radio Group Names Three Local Program Directors

Big Radio
Big Radio

Big Radio names three new Program Directors to head up the Rock County radio operations of its 10-station group. Effective immediately Paul Michaels assume the programming duties of WWHG (105.9 FM The Hog), Micki Morgret is now Program Director of WBEL (92.3 The Beat) and Greg "Big Red" Hanthorn is the newly named PD for WGEZ-AM & FM (Iron Country). Historically, the programming of the stations had been directly overseen by father and son owners Scott and Benjamin Thompson.

"Over the years, and through all our various expansions, that has become challenging" said Ben Thompson. "Obviously we are more involved in the programming decisions on our stations than most owners and that will always continue. That said, it is impossible for [us] to listen to all 10 radio stations all the time."

Thompson indicated that having locally based individuals oversee the day-to-day programming elements and manage the talent will enable the group to continue to serve the local communities of which their stations are a vital part. The PD assignments come just two months before an anticipated relocation effort that will centralize most operations of the group's five Rock County stations in one newly-constructed studio facility in Janesville.


FOX Sports Radio to Air 20th Annual Super Week Coverage

FSR's 2020 Radio Row Stage
FSR's 2020 Radio Row Stage

FOX Sports Radio (FSR), a unit of Premiere Sports Network, will provide its 20th annual Super Week coverage from January 27-31. Broadcasting across a network of more than 500 stations in the U.S., as well as FOXSportsRadio.com and iHeartRadio, the network take fans to the center of the action in Miami with live, on-location programming featuring interviews with NFL players, newsmakers and celebrities.

FSR's Super Week coverage will feature a live broadcast of "The Herd with Colin Cowherd" (12-3pm ET) from the FOX Sports broadcast compound on Ocean Drive at Lummus Park in South Beach. Plus, "Outkick The Coverage with Clay Travis" (6-9am ET), "The Doug Gottlieb Show" (3-6pm ET), "Straight Outta Vegas with RJ Bell" (6-7pm ET), and "The Odd Couple with Chris Broussard and Rob Parker" (7-10pm ET) will all air from Radio Row at the Miami Beach Convention Center.

Additionally, AT&T / DIRECTV's "The Dan Patrick Show" (9am-12pm ET) and "The Rich Eisen Show" (12-3pm ET) will broadcast live from South Beach.

CRB Names Recipients of 2020 Rusty Walker Scholarships

CRS 2020
CRS 2020

The Country Radio Broadcasters have named KFRG/Riverside Digital Content Creator/air talent Anthony Donatelli, KFGY/Sonoma County CA Program Director/afternoon personality Dan Weir and WCTY/Norwich CT Promotions Manager Nichole Breau as recipients of the 2020 Rusty Walker Scholarship. The three individuals, all full-time radio station employees and first-time CRS attendees will receive an all-expenses-paid trip totaling three nights, have the opportunity to network with CRS board members, and will be recognized during opening ceremonies at CRS 2020.

The Rusty Walker Scholarship Program honors former CRS board member Rusty Walker. He was a Country Radio Hall of Fame inductee, an influential programmer, and consultant and mentor in the music industry. After his death in 2012, the scholarship program was developed to continue his legacy of supporting bright, young minds in the business.

CRB/CRS President of the Board Kurt Johnson commented, "The CRB Board and Staff are proud to pay it forward through this annual scholarship. These winners personify the qualities Rusty Walker championed: Love for entertaining the audience, constant innovation, and strong determination to succeed. Congratulations to all three!"

The Country Radio Seminar 2020 will be held Wednesday, February 19 through Friday, February 21 at the Omni Nashville Hotel in Nashville, TN. For more information on CRS 2020, including registration information, please visit CountryRadioSeminar.com.

Radio Punjab Closes on Acquisition of KTXV-AM (890)/Dallas

Kalil & Co.
Kalil & Co.

Radio Punjab Dallas LLC has closed on its previously announced acquisition of 20kW Asian KTXV-AM (890)/Dallas from Dallas Major Radio for a reported $225,000. The seller, Dallas Major Radio, is a California-based company. The buyer, Radio Punjab Dallas, is a Washington-based company headed by Sukhdev Dhillon.

Kalil & Co. brokered the transaction.

WBLS and WLIB/New York PD Skip Dillard Upped to VP/P

Skip Dillard
Skip Dillard

Emmis/New York promotes Urban WBLS-FM and Gospel WLIB Program Director Skip Dillard to VP/Programming for both stations. Graham "Skip" Dillard has served as the Operations Manager and PD for Emmis duo for over 10 years, joining then Inner City in 2008. Previously, he spent almost a year as PD of then CBS Radio's Urban WPGC-FM/Washington, DC. Before that, he was OM for Radio One's 3-station group in Detroit, PD of KBTB-FM (The Beat)/San Francisco and PD of WBLK-FM/Buffalo from 1996-2003. Dillard's also been the Top 40 Editor of Billboard Airplay Monitor.

Dillard's career began at Hampton University's WHOV-FM while a student. He also volunteered at North Carolina A&T State University's WNAA-FM, during the Summers.

He's received numerous honors in his career including the Proclamation of service to New York State and New York City Hall 2017. Dillard was also voted onto the Executive Board of the Greater Harlem Chamber of Commerce in October 2017.

CMB Opens 2020 Station of the Year Entry Window

Christian Music Broadcasters
Christian Music Broadcasters

Radio outlets wishing to be considered for the Christian Music Broadcasters' 2020 CMB Station of the Year may submit their entries online beginning Monday and must have their full entry completed by February 21. Submission and eligibility requirements can be found on the CMB website. Finalists for Station of the Year will be announced on April 3.

Additionally, nominations for the CMB Special Awards will also be accepted starting Monday. This includes the Community Service Award, the Industry Achievement Award, and the Rich Mullins Artist Impact Award. To nominate individuals for the 2020 CMB Special Awards, you must be a current CMB Member. Nominations should be submitted by February 21st and finalists will be announced on March 9.

CMB will present all awards on Friday, May 29 at the CMB Awards Dinner during Momentum 2020 being held at the Loews Royal Pacific Convention Center at Universal Orlando. https://cmbonline.org/stationoftheyear/


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