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Every day of the year, broadcast and Internet radio professionals use the services of RADIO ONLINE. From CEOs, GMs and GSMs to programmers, consultants and air personalities... RADIO ONLINE reaches the radio industry.

RADIO ONLINE was founded in 1989 by Ron and Lisa Chase as a trade publication specializing in show prep and promotions. The RADIO ONLINE brand predates the World Wide Web, and has become one of the most well respected names in the radio industry.

In May, 1994, RADIO ONLINE became the first electronic trade publication to appear on the Internet and -- despite the claims of others -- RADIO ONLINE was the first such service to launch a web site in May, 1995. Since that time, RADIO ONLINE has maintained its own high-speed dedicated connection to the Internet with banks of high speed web, mail and DNS servers.

Today, RADIO ONLINE has tens of thousands of readers and subscribers worldwide that rely on the RADIO ONLINE brand to provide industry news, show prep, promotions, ratings, airchecks and job openings.

RADIO ONLINE's award-winning Daily Show Prep is read by over 2000 air personalities in all four corners of the globe every weekday. And our industry news and wire services are delivered to tens of thousands of readers each weekday.

Contact us at:
3500 Tripp Ave
Amarillo, TX 79121-1637
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Meet the Staff

  • Patrick Gorse, Comedy Writer
  • Ronn Wood, Audio Editor
  • Don Anthony, Contributing Editor
  • Gary Guthrie, Consultant

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